Individuality and dignity of human being should be identified irrespective to their cast creed and gender. The world should be safer place for soft gender to live in. Justice for oppressed community need to be ensured by practicing non violent pattern of Gospel.


To counsel and aware likeminded people to come together and stand against social inequality regional gender preference, imbalance and corruption. To be an Active partner in this movement “Nai Asha “will run safe homes to provide unconditional stay and care for survivors of trafficking and rape victims.


To do advocacy against human trafficking and crime against woman and aware at least students of six collages and four churches through speak up campaign in a year. 7 Safe restoration/rehabilitation of participants of “Nai Asha” Safe Home.

“Nai Asha” A project against human trafficking came into existence in July 2012 to take care of survivors of trafficking.  Initially it started at two places Lucknow and Varansi in Uttar Pradesh.  On June 14 the Project of Varanasi also merged with the Lucknow Project, hence we have one safe home at present.

Nai Asha, safe home runs two years graduation programs for participants. We work in four path ways for holistic approach.

  • Educational
  • Life Skills
  • Spiritual
  • Socialization

About Nai Asha

  • Since July 2012 “Nai Asha” we have taken care of 143 survivors. 10 successful raids and rescued 46 minor girls.
  • Nai Asha has been enlisted as official trainer for Anti Human Trafficking units of Police in state.
  • Nai Asha has trained new recruits of Women and child Welfare department of state in 7 districts on legal process of rescue operations / documentation and sensitization.
  • Nai Asha has launched campaign “Speak Up” on sexual purity for youth and till date has campaigned with youth of 5 reputed collages in lucknow.
  • The 5 local churches of Lucknow are mentoring Nai Asha.
  • Nai Asha runs Home Church on every Saturday at Safe Home.
  • Nai Asha Safe Home BELIEVES IN all necessary organizational policies and procedures are in place to enable staff to safely work with survivors.

About Our Staff & Survivors

  • Staff maintains professional relationships and clear boundaries with all survivors they work with, and understand the importance of full respect for confidentiality.
  • Staff has access to training and ongoing support to improve their professional development and minimize risks of ‘burnout’.
  • Support is offered on an informed and consensual basis, in a language the survivors can understand.
  • The survivors’ vulnerabilities and traumas are fully acknowledged and the principle ‘do no further harm’ is respected in any aspects of care.
  • The support provided is holistic, integrated and tailored to the individual needs of each survivor.
  • Survivors are involved in the development of their care plan and placed at the centre of the decision making process so that they can feel in control of their recovery and regain autonomy.
  • Survivors are supported to acquire skills, knowledge, and self-confidence to achieve their goals and fulfill their aspiration.
  • Survivors are fully aware of their rights and entitlements, and know exactly what they can expect from “Nai Asha”.
  • Front-line staff are capable of strongly advocating on behalf of survivors to ensure their voice is heard while they are encouraged to speak up for themselves.
  • Survivors are encouraged to establish community networks and to access educational and employment opportunities so that they can feel more integrated into society, more fulfilled and less dependent on support;
  • An exit strategy is developed as part of the support plan so that survivors are fully aware of their options upon exiting the Safe Home, including integration in the host community.
  • Robust monitoring and evaluation systems are in place to improve the support based on survivors’ needs and feedback.
  • Survivors are loved cared and respected in Nai Asha Safe Home, they enjoy full ownership in premise, New Hope for life builds in participants heart.

Current Projects

Nai Asha
Safe Home

Nai Asha
Home Church

Speak Up Awareness Campaign

“Bahram” Operation Rescue


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